Ad-Direction, an award winning platform to manage SEM for local businesses.

Global operations partner for Skype's Click to Call advertising program

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Yield management across 13 traffic sources for pay per call product

Akesios technologies optimise internet advertising spend to achieve maximum ROI.

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Akesios’ sophisticated ad-serving system syndicates text ads, display ads, listings and mobile, tailored to the individual requirements of partners in the distribution network. Ads can be updated in real-time to enable syndication of offers, coupons and daily deals. Ad-Direction automatically allocates advertiser budgets across ad types and networks to achieve the most cost effective and highest converting media buy.

Yield Management

Ad-Direction optimizes budget spend using yield management algorithms based on both price and quality. Our ability to buy the cheapest, converting traffic sets us apart from typical SEM players who optimise on cost alone. The Ad-Direction algorithms can be customized for each publisher, depending on their requirements for margin protection or merchant ROI, or both.


The visibility and transparency of your advertising products is critical when provisioning a leads-based product. Ad-Direction consolidates the reporting from all products into one dashboard and applies quality and ROI metrics for easy comparison.


Ad-Direction is a based on a technology architecture tailored to the needs of Yellow Pages publishers. Over two years in development, this platform offers out-of-the-box functionality for running and reporting on a leads-based selling solution. A single daily order feed is all that is required to get up and running.